Garden Giants IV

IMG_0288Every year in the garden is different. Last year the favas were the undisputed stars of the spring garden – this year they look pretty rough because they had to compete with corn.

But we have a new freak vegetable to take their place: the parsnip. We decided to let a few plants go to seed, as the flowers are considered excellent attractants of beneficial insects. We expected them to be about the same size as carrot plants, but they continued to grow and grow. The tallest topped out at about 8’ – truly a giant among vegetables.

Runner-up for ridiculously tall plant this year: foxglove.



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2 Responses to Garden Giants IV

  1. known says:

    We have got a very limited crop of ‘Tettnang hops from the plant next to the bakehouse. We do not intend to go into brewing. Instead, we can offer you the crop free of charge (shipping extra).

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