Wet Hops Brew

IMG_0735 Wet hops does not sound very enticing, but actually it refers to brewing with freshly harvested hops instead of the more common dried hops. Ideally, fresh hops should be used within 24 hours of harvest; and the beer should be consumed quickly before the volatile aromas have diminished. As a result, wet hops beers – or harvest ales, as they are also called – are only available for a few weeks and in limited quantities.

Thanks to the warm summer, we have had a decent crop of Tettnang hops for the first time this year. We decided to use it to brew a wet hops IPA. This is going to be a seriously hoppy beer, using 2 pounds of fresh hops in the brew and another pound for dry hopping (i.e. adding to the secondary ferment without boiling it).

Tettnang does not exhibit the strong pine or citrus notes that are typical for the Pacific Northwest; but it should have a nice floral aroma while also being a good bittering hops. Check back here in late September to find out how this one turned out.

IMG_0779 IMG_0799 IMG_0800

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