Vancouver Weekend

IMG_1338It’s been a while since our last visit to Vancouver, B.C. And since Vilde had never been to Canada, we decided to take a weekend trip up north.

The weather was not very cooperative. As it turns out, Seattle is a fair bit drier than Vancouver, thanks to the rain shadow effect of the Olympic mountains (37″ annual precipitation versus 46″).

Luckily, the city offers many attractions for rainy days as well. A highlight was our visit to the Museum of Anthropology with its outstanding collection of Pacific Northwest tribal artefacts. IMG_1361

Any of the these objects has a really powerful presence – now imagine walking into a hall filled with towering 30′ totem poles and all manner of other mythical figures. It’s easy to see why Emily Carr was so enthralled; and sad to contemplate the oppression of the coastal tribes and the destruction of their culture.


As usual, we ended our trip with a stop at Granville Island. It’s so much more than just a giant indoor market. For example, we discovered these merry fellows adorning a cement factory.

All in all, it was a fun weekend and a great introduction to Canada for Vilde.

More photos …

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