2015 Kite Makers Conference

WP_20150315_001The “Fort Worden Conference” was not at Fort Worden this year – instead it was held at the Warm Springs Center near Camano Island. The State Parks Department had been making it increasingly expensive and onerous to conduct a 3 day conference at the Fort. The new location is cheaper, more spacious, and more conveniently located since you don’t need to ride a ferry to get there. It’s a little sad, since the Fort is such an iconic place; but overall this change ought to improve the quality of the conference and boost attendance.

My big project for this year was a modern rendition of Hargrave’s classic box kite. Wendy and I collaborated on the design for this one – I think it turned out rather well. I still had enough time left to make a small Japanese Tosa kite with a funky printed fabric.


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