Orchard Planting Dress Rehearsal

Visions of cider apples danced in my head … but we are going to have to wait another year before we are ready to plant our own cider orchard. So I was happy to help out and learn from fellow cider maker and budding orchardist Adam. It was a perfect day for planting trees in the Pacific Northwest. The morning fog soon burned off and we enjoyed a gloriously sunny day with grand views of the snow covered Cascades.

I’m looking forward to coming back a few years down the road to see these trees in production and to sample some of the product.





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1 Response to Orchard Planting Dress Rehearsal

  1. Rainer says:

    Hallo Patrick,
    selten habe ich mich so ehrlich und riesig gefreut, es ist schön wieder etwas Neues auf eurem Blog zu lesen. Ganz herzliche Grüße an Wendy
    Rainer, from old Germany ;

    PS: Ich weiß nicht warum, aber http://www.wind.gallery mag er, wie unten aufgelistet, nicht.

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