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You can never have too many bikes

Or so I’ve heard some avid bikers say. On an excursion to Portland last week I bought a new bike. This is the 7th bike in our basement: 3 of them are Wendy’s, 4 are mine. Crazy? But wait, I … Continue reading

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New Bike

After 3 triathlon seasons, the time finally seemed right for a dedicated tri-bike. A great post-season sale price made the decision easier; but what really made up my mind was the photo of my bike ride at the Grand Columbian. … Continue reading

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Unexpected Joys of Bicycle-Commuting

There are many good reasons to bike-commute: financial, environmental, and health, among others. But there are also a lot of more serendipitous benefits, that are insufficiently appreciated by the car-commuting majority. Case in point: on my way to work today … Continue reading

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