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Sprouted Grain Chicken Feed

Chickens benefit from a varied diet including not just grains, but also greens, grubs, insects, and vegetable scraps. It makes for better nutrition, and it also keeps the chickens engaged so they don’t get aggressive towards one another. In summer, … Continue reading

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Building a Coop

Since early last year we’ve shared chickens with another family a couple of miles away. 3 of the 8 chickens are ours: one Australorp and two Araucanas. The quality of the eggs is remarkable, even compared to organic free range … Continue reading

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Sharing Chickens is not just for gardens. As we browsed the listings, we came across an offer for a chicken share. Jeanine had been keeping chickens in Rainier Beach for the last 3 years. Now she was offering the opportunity for … Continue reading

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