Fruit Tree Grafting–Year 2

Our first attempts at grafting last year were fairly successful, despite some flaws in execution. Encouraged by this, I did some more serious grafting this year. I had the opportunity to work with Don Ricks from City Fruit, which allowed me to access trees in a couple of city parks.

The interesting twist this year – beyond refining my technique – was grafting cross-species. We grafted apples onto crabapple; quince and pears onto hawthorn; plus some apple on apple grafts.

Altogether I grafted 8 trees with 2 scions per graft site, using 3 different types of grafts:

Splice Graft



Bark Graft



Cleft Graft


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1 Response to Fruit Tree Grafting–Year 2

  1. I love the drawings. I planned to try this in 2014 but missed my chance. I will definitely be grafting in 2015.

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