Sourdough Kamut-Rye Bread

Time again for the bi-weekly bread bake: I usually bake at least 2 loaves and go through about a loaf a week. I freeze one and eat the other fresh. I love how well the whole grain sourdough breads hold up – by day 7 it’s getting a bit drier, but the crumb still has good texture and it tastes just fine.

Keeping it simple, I made my standard whole grain kamut, with just a bit of rye thrown in for a more rustic flavor:

  • 100g whole grain kamut levain
  • 1000g whole grain kamut
  • 150g whole grain rye
  • 2% salt
  • water

Mix all the ingredients and knead until the gluten structure is somewhat developed. Rise for about 6h at room temperature – give it a folding after about 4h. Shape and allow to proof for another 60 – 90 minutes. Bake in a hot oven.

The apple tart was a bonus pastry I free-styled with some left-over pizza dough laminated with a bit of butter. It disappeared really quickly.


My second submission to YeastSpotting.

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