Honey Toast Bread

IMG_6979Toast bread – in its untoasted state – isn’t nearly as sexy as big, crusty loaves of rustic sourdough. But a fragrant piece of toast with just butter or a bit of orange marmalade is a real treat. And it’s so convenient: I slice the whole loaf and freeze the slices for for on-demand toasting.

It’s almost impossible to find decent commercial toast bread. Artisan bakers don’t usually stock it; and the industrial stuff is full of sub-par ingredients and lots of sugar. Here’s my take on what a really good toast bread should be.

IMG_6993Honey Toast Bread

  • 80% whole grain organic kamut (or your favorite variety of wheat or spelt)
  • 20% unbleached organic refined bread flour
  • 2% salt
  • 5% honey
  • 10% butter at room temperature
  • 1 egg per 1000g flour
  • 50% milk
  • yeast
  • water as necessary for desired texture

IMG_6994Make a pre-ferment consisting of half the flour, the milk, and yeast. Let this proof  for 8-24h in the fridge. Mix up with all the remaining ingredients and knead to medium development. Proof until well risen at room temperature. Give it a few folds and let it relax for 15 minutes. Shape and put in loaf tins for final proof. Err on the side of under-proofing to avoid big air holes in your toast bread. Bake at 400F.

YeastSpotting submission #4

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