Rodent Patrol


Seattle is a city by the water. There’s Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and numerous lesser bodies of water. It is also a green city with parks, green spaces, and lots of wild blackberries everywhere. In short – rat heaven.

As the weather turns colder and outdoor food sources dwindle away, rats and mice are looking for a cozy place to spend the winter months. A nice, warm, and dry crawlspace would be just the ticket.

Fortunately, our sweet and adorable cat has turned out to be a

cold-blooded KILLER!



A dismembered rat may not be what you want to see first thing in the morning. But it’s definitely preferable to a live rat in the house.

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1 Response to Rodent Patrol

  1. dan plaster says:

    Nice. Still better than finding the rat still dieing from warfarin poisoning, twitchy and trying to crawl.

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