Skiing into the New Year

IMG_9782We again spent the last days of the year in the Methow Valley. This was our 3rd visit and second time celebrating New Year. It’s turning into a bit of a tradition – we enjoyed it as much as ever; and we haven’t even begun to explore all the hiking and snow-shoeing opportunities. No doubt we’ll be back.

Snow conditions were uncharacteristically poor this year. December 2013 was the driest on record – not just in the Methow but all across the Pacific Northwest. For once, we were hoping for precipitation, and all we got was a couple of inches of snow towards the end of our stay. We had come prepared to hike or even ride fat bikes in lieu of skiing, but it didn’t prove to be necessary. Conditions were not too bad at the top of the valley, allowing us to do 10 miles of cross-country every day without have to repeat any section.

This is Wendy’s 3rd season of cross-country. Given how rarely we actually go skiing, she’s made great progress. She’s a lot more confident on the skis this year and starting to contemplate some of the blue tracks. We’re looking forward to more skiing and, hopefully, more snow in the new year.

[More photos]

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