IMG_7177 (2)Spekulatius are very popular in Germany, and they’re one of my personal favorites: a nice balance of nut and spice flavors, and a satisfying crunchy texture. According to Wikipedia they are a Christmas cookie associated with St.Nicholas day on December 6th. But you can buy them all year round and the designs are decidedly non-christmassy – a windmill being the most iconic motif.

I shied away from attempting these for a long time, but a couple of years ago I finally discovered a recipe that produces a result very close to what I remembered. It is a bit of work to sprinkle sliced almonds on each cookie, but definitely worth it.

Then, last Christmas, Wendy’s sister gifted us an original wooden mold from Holland. Now Spekulatius are definitely a Christmas staple in this house.





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  1. dan plaster says:

    Those look excellent

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