Harvest Time

IMG_8324July is barely over, and already it feels like we are at the end of summer. At least it seems that way when I look at our garlic harvest curing under the rafters of the bread oven. 

After a record dry month of July – it was the first July without any rain in over 50 years – we were starting to take the warm weather for granted. But a few days of heavy clouds and low 70s reminded me that our rainy season is approaching rapidly. By late September, we’ll be back to the more typical Seattle fare of cloudy days, with just a few sun breaks.

All of our summer seems to happen from mid-June to mid-August. Things get a bit frenetic as Seattleites try to compress 3 or 4 months worth of activities into 8 weeks. But there will be plenty of time to kick back and relax in the fall and winter – so get out and enjoy the sunshine while you can.



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